Facebook works very similar to the real one. This means that you can check Facebook pages/profiles and comment on posts. What you see is a Facebook feed with all the comments posted.

You can access each profile by clicking the Personas' names.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a specific feature that you will find inside the GoSocial channel (Facebook). In this familiar format, you will be able to create, join and participate in private discussion groups within a social media environment. 

How to create a Facebook group

As  a player, you need to be assigned a Special Permission to create groups. Once the permission is assigned, these are the steps to follow to create a Facebook group:

 1. In the Virtual Desktop, go to the Facebook channel. It will appear when there is some content published into that channel. 

2. In the left column, click on the + Create new group option.
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3. Complete the details to customize the Facebook group: Group name, Description and Cover image.
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4.  The new group will appear in the left column. 

5. Click the group name to access it.
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Available actions as a group creator 

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Edit group

Group creator can change Group name, Description and Cover image at any time.

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Delete group

Group creator can delete groups, all discussions will be inaccessible. 
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Create new group

From the created group, group creator can create a new group.
Manage members

Group creators can:
- Accept / reject members
- Remove members
- Make / revoke moderators 
- Add members as friends

Available actions as a player

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Search group

Players can only find a group if they search for it in the search bar in the GoSocial channel. 

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Join group

From the search results, players can click Join group. It will appear as Pending request until group creator or moderator accepts request.
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Once accepted into group, player can:

- post text
- add images
- like posts
- comment posts

These posts will only be displayed and seen by members of this private group. 
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Moderator mode

If group creator has made player a moderator, player can:
- accept new members
- reject new members