After reading this article you'll: 
  • Understand what the AI Image Generator tool is
  • Know how to access it from the scenario editor and inject creation
  • know how to create effective prompts
AI Image Generator Tool allows you to quickly generate images. 

AI Image Generator Tool
This tool can be used directly from the inject creation, making it quicker/easier by pre-selecting the appropriate style and aspect ratio. 
  • Flexibility to create any image.
  • Ability to create images in different ratios, styles and lighting. 

Locating the Tool 

Access in the Scenario Editor > Media > Use AI Assistant. 

Image Placeholder

Here you can quickly generate images in different aspect ratios, styles and lighting.

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This tool can also be used directly from the inject creation.

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Effective Prompts


  • AI Models rely heavily on the prompts provided by the user. Ensure prompts are clear and specific such as including the camera angle and specific location.
  • If the prompts are vague or ambiguous, the AI model may generate inaccurate or inappropriate responses. 
For example: 

 Effective AI Prompts
 Ineffective AI Prompts
 "wide shot view of floods covering Bangladesh, Dhaka"
 "flooded city"
 "birds-eye view of Mexico City showing houses destroyed by an earthquake"
 "earthquake in city"
 "refugee boat in the middle of the day near Lesbos, Greece, as seen from the ground"
 "refugees arriving at the coast"