After reading this article you'll:

  • Be able to download data from your exercise
  • Be able to generate exercise reports 
  • Be able to generate engagement reports
  • Understand the contents of each report


Data can be downloaded from your exercise and formulated into various reports.

Downloading data and generating reports
Gain access to qualitative and quantitative reports so performance from exercises can be analysed and reviewed.

Data comparisons can then be made with future exercises to analyse performance improvements. 
  • All messaging activity from an exercise can be exported to an Excel document
  • All observations can be exported to a Word document
  • All social engagement can be exported into an Excel document

How to download exercise data and generate reports

In the Facilitator Dashboard, navigate to the Review tab and click on the data/report you want to export.
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What do these reports contain? 

Exercise report: 

  • Generates a comprehensive After Action Review (AAR) report including all observations, data points,  pie charts and bar charts 
  • Report is generated as a word document
  • For more information on After Action Reviews click here
Engagement data: 

  • Generates a report of all social media engagement (social media, website data) into an Excel document
  • This report includes data such as: date, persona, channel, messages, likes, replies, reposts, followers, following and more
  • Data such as email data is not included in this report
Report data: 

  • Downloads all messaging activity from your exercise into an Excel document