After reading this article you'll:

  • understand what Pulse is
  • be able to visualise player activity data during an exercise 


Pulse is a specialised, customisable dashboard that allows anyone in exercise control (facilitator and observers) to visualise what players are doing during a live exercise.


  • Feel more in control of a live exercise because you can see player activity as it happens
  • Provide better after-action review

  • Unlimited number of dashboards
  • United number of data views (widgets)
  • Additional dynamic filtering of any widget 
  • Collapsible columns and widget headers to optimise the workspace

Enabling Pulse

If you have a permitting licence, then you'll find Pulse by simply adding /pulse to your custom URL. Such as https://mycustomurl.cm.cr/pulse 

Note that to log into Pulse you must be a facilitator or observer and must have pre-registered via the facilitator dashboard or virtual desktop. It is not possible to register via the Pulse dashboard.

Locating Pulse 

In the facilitators dashboard navigate to the document icon, here you will see your Pulse URL.

Configuring Pulse

Pulse is configured by adding widgets to a dashboard.

The video below shows a guided walkthrough of how to create your first dashboard

Note that when configuring Pulse, you must click "Save Layout" to save your widget layout. This is found in the top right hand corner of the dashboard.

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Creating a Widget

A widget is a window on your exercise data. Create widgets to showcase specific exercise traffic that is important for exercise control to be aware of.

 1. In Pulse, navigate to Widgets & Groups

2. Click Create widget
 Image Placeholder
3. Enter a widget name (1)
4. Add any filters you'd like (2)

  Image Placeholder
5. Select widget type:
- Conversation shows all message activity
- Count shows a count of the message activity for the given filter
- Heatmap shows a summary of activity by persona and time (not yet implemented)
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 6. After you have saved the widget, select Add to dashboard and select the dashboard to add it to
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Creating a Group

A Group in Pulse is a collection of personas or role-players and can be used to make widget-creation faster or easier so that you don't need to repeatedly enter a long list of items.

 0. In the Groups panel, click Create

1. Enter a Group name

2. Type the persona or role-player names to add to the Group

3. Click Save
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Using Pulse

Please note that Pulse does not update in real-time, you will need to click the refresh button to collect new data. Data is collected instantaneously but is not presented until collected.

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Once live on the dashboard, the widgets can be additionally filtered by clicking the column filter drop-down
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 Every widget has three controls in the top right hand corner to allow you to:
- Edit
- Remove
- Make full screen
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