After reading this article you'll 
  • understand what a data point is 
  • know how to create a data point in flowchart view
  • know how to review and export data points 


A data point is effective in recording decisions, this helpdoc demonstrated what they are, how to create and export them. 

Data Points
Allows you to visually see player data and track real-time responses
Enables you to filter by teams and players. 

  • Data points are questions posed to the player which can be exported into a visual format  

What is a Data Point 

Data points allow the facilitator to visually represent and monitor the choices made by the participants. 

*Note that the response report contains ALL clicked questions, not just data points*

How to Create a Data Point 

1. With the content item selected, click the chart icon to add a new data point.

2. Change the name of the data point

3. Then chose your question by clicking Question Type 

Reviewing Data Points Live 

You can view live decisions in the facilitators dashboard via Review > Data points.

Here you have the option to review the decision points through a timeline or a pie chart. To access the pie chart navigate to Review > Data points

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Alternatively, you can view your data points on a timeline. The timeline is effective for showing players and teams activity in response times. 

To view the data points on the timeline navigate to Review > Timeline.

Exporting Data Points  

To export your data points into a word document navigate to Review > Exercise report. 

To export the decisions into a pdf, navigate to the download button on the right. 

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