After reading this article you'll:
  • be able to migrate to the next generation Conducttr TeamXp


Our amazing simulation platform just got even more amazing with tons of new features and improvements.
However, this "next generation" solution runs on a new platform with some important structural differences.
Our last release of the earlier scenario editor is TeamXp v3.4.75 and the first release of the next generation scenario editor is ConducttrTxp v1.0.xx - you can get the latest release from Release Notes.

Main differences you should be aware of

There are many improvements but those that might cause migration issues are:

  1. News articles can only be published by Organisations, which is a new type of persona
  2. News and Websites is a combined channel for articles and URL-based sites
  3. Browser channel remains for additional use
  4. Links in content that redirect to internal channels need to be re-created
  5. The Twitter channel will display twitter history for those personas that have it before the start of the exercise

Personas & News channel

Personas and the News channel have the biggest structural changes. The video below guides you through the shortest path to migrating an old project to the new platform.

What you need to know

  • Conducttr TeamXp now runs on a completely new infrastructure
  • You need to run your scenarios on new Space numbers on the new platform
  • You’ll initially be able to have TWO scenario editors running in parallel to help you migrate to the new platform: the current TeamXp AIR app and a new Conducttr AIR app. They’re virtually the same but different names to distinguish current from new. You don’t have to run both scenario editors, this is just for your convenience to help with migration
  • Once your scenarios are running in the new Space(s), coordinate with us to get your custom URL redirected to the new platform (and delete the TeamXp AIR app which you won’t need any more).

How to migrate

  • Create sharefiles for all the scenario libraries you want to keep
  • Download the new ConducttrTxp AIR app and run it (note: current editor: Teamxp.3.4.75.air and new editor: ConducttrTxp.1.0.xx.air). Note that if you’re running on an older version of TeamXp your scenarios should still migrate ok but we’ve only tested with the current release which is 3.4.75
  • In ConducttrTxp (i.e. the new platform), go to Manage Spaces to add your new space number(s) - your email and password are unchanged; your current space numbers can’t be added.
  • Add new libraries for each sharefile you want to install.
  • Publish your scenarios and check they work as expected. Note that for now they’ll have the new default url https://conducttr.cm.cr?p={your space number}
  • Contact us to coordinate the redirecting of your custom url(s) to the new space(s)