In the Websites/News channel, you can access realistic websites related to your exercise. This is an example of an article-based website inspired in The Guardian newspaper in the Virtual Desktop. You can also see how different websites are organized in tabs.

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Website search

If your exercise set-up allows it, you can search for terms on shown or hidden websites by clicking the channel in the Virtual desktop.


Searching and Search Results

Searching in the Websites/News channel also includes results from social media channels and will find personas as well as content.

The following examples illustrate how you can use logic operators in your search.

News agencies
This will find all mentions of "news agencies" where the words are together. It won't find "news and other agencies"

News AND agencies
This will find "news and other agencies" because both search terms exist in the content.

News OR agencies
This will find articles, websites and social media with either "news" or "agencies".

You can use parenthesis to group search terms.

News AND (agencies OR outlets)
 This will find all articles and social media mentioning "news" with either "agencies" or "outlets"

Sharing articles

In article-based websites, you can share articles within the exercise. Click the Share icon at the top right corner of any article to share on available channels for your exercise

About Copy link and External link

Copy link generates an internal link that can be pasted anywhere in your exercise and it will link to the referenced article. It will not work outside the Virtual Desktop.

External link generates a link that can be used outside the Virtual Desktop, can be referenced in reports or any other exercise documentation.