After reading this article you'll:

  • Be able to set up the Log channel 
  • Be able to to use the Log channel


Team based channel where players can log issues they face and record their decisions.

Log Channel
Monitor participants performance and decisions throughout the exercise
  • Record and keep track of decisions made during the exercise
  • Log issues faced, visible to other players
  • Add images to entries 
  • Keep track of the time/date entries were made

How to set up the Log Channel

  • Create an inject and select "Log" as the channel type
  • This will open the log channel so that players can access and use it

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How to use the Log Channel (Player guide)

1. To create a new log entry, navigate to the Virtual Desktop > Log channel, and click on the pencil icon 
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2. You will now be able to fill out the log entry form. 
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  • The log channel saves details such as the time and date of each entry
  • So players can view when certain issues were reported or when certain decisions were made

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Configure Log Channel for Session or Team

  • You can enable the log channel for session or team 
  • Session Feed : All players receive all log content 
  • Team: Only log content within you team is visible (not other teams content) 

How to do this: 

  1. In the Scenario Editor click on Settings
  2. Click on "Channel configuration
  3. Click on "Log feed
  4. Click the tick box to enable session feed. (if no tick, then log channel will be enabled for teams) 

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